VlogPress Project

Plugins and Themes for Videoblogging with WordPress 2.1 and later.

Project Info

See the SourceForge project page.

Plugins (Planned)

Posting Plugin

A plugin to parse media metadata from a blog post. It will serve a a replacement for the serviceable, but not quite ideal enclosure detection code that is currenlty in WordPress 2.1.x. It will likely use one of the proposed Media Alternates Microformats to represent the information from standard HTML in a blog post.

Display Plugin

Functions to simplify access to custom fields used for video meta-data. (May not be necessary.)


Red Vlog

Red Vlog is the first theme we are developing for this project. Why? Because Lisa liked Red Train and wanted to use it as the starting point for a project. That vlog will have a custom look and feel, but we will be creating Red Vlog as a base project.

Vlog Show

Next we would like to develop a somewhat generic, RocketBoom-influenced (of course) theme.

WordPress Patches (?)

WordPress 2.1.x may require some patches (which would be submitted to the WordPress project) in order to allow our proposed Posting Plugin to replace the built-in functionality of WordPress. The changes would be in separating enclosure processing from ping and trackback processing and in making enclosure processing pluggable. We realize that our Posting Plugin (and possible microformat choice) may not be universal, but the WordPress core should at least allow users to configure this behavoir. (We haven't looked at WordPress 2.2 yet, so perhaps this situation has improved.)


Development Roadmap

  1. Finish Red Vlog theme that is vlog-like and displays thumbnails without any plugins
  2. Stylesheets for VlogPress Project site
  3. Look further for related projects and/or volunteers for this project
  4. Start work on Vlog Show theme
  5. Choose a Microformat for the Posting Plugin (work with Microformats group)
  6. Start work on Plugins